IC Title AB
Inputs 0 and 3
Outputs 1
Restricted Yes
Added CBX v11.2

An Auto-Bridge that creates and removes a horizontal line of specified blocks. When creating each row, each row is pushed by a fake piston. The fake piston shows up, but is not really there.

For the best results, place a piston where the fake pistons show up.

It is recommended to keep the length 12 or less because of the piston's 12 block limit.

  • The length can be larger than 12, but expect bugs.

Pushing players will have bugs on slower servers and very busy servers.

Sign SettingsEdit

Quick ReferenceEdit

line 1 <blank>
line 2 [MCU213]
line 3 block-id:color#amount,block-id:color#amount,block-id:color#amount,...
line 4 width:length:vertical_offset#delay-open:delay-close
green text = OPTIONAL
everything else = REQUIRED


  • Line 3:
    block-id:color#amount,block-id:color#amount,... is a list of the blocks the bridge should be made of.
    • The block-id is the id number of the block.
    • The color is the optional color number for the block if the block has a color.
    • The amount is the optional amount of rows to use the specified block type. If there is no amount, it will either create just one row or fill up the remaining rows.
    • Rows can be made of different block types by listing the blocks. Blocks can be listed by splitting them with commas ",".

  • Line 4:
    width:length:vertical_offset#delay-open:delay-close sets the size and up or down position of the bridge.
    • The width and length are required, but the vertical offset is not needed.
      • The max width allowed is 11.
      • By default, the max length allowed is 30, but can be changed in the through setting the bridge-max-length=.
      • The max length recommended is 12, due to piston limits.
      • The max up/down (vertical) offset is between -10 and 10.
    • The delay-open:delay-close are optional values to set how fast or slow the bridge should open or close. The speed is based on ticks per row.
      • If delay-close is not set, then the bridge will open and close at the same speed.
      • If the delay values are not set, the default speed is 3 ticks per row.
      • The minimum delay value is 3. The max delay value allowed is 600 ticks.


File:IC input12.png
A / 1: On/Off
When the input is toggled on, it will power the bridge on so that it can be opened or closed. When the input is toggled off, the bridge will stop and can not be opened or closed.
B / 2: Create/Remove
When the input is toggled on, it will create the bridge. When it is turned off, it will remove the bridge.


File:IC output.png


Optional ModesEdit




Basic sign setup to create a 3x5 cobble bridge.

2 [MCU213]
3 4
4 3:5

Red Wool BridgeEdit

Creates a 3x5 red wool bridge

2 [MCU213]
3 35:14
4 3:5

Red Wool Bridge Raised 7 Blocks UpEdit

Creates a 3x5 red wool bridge with a 7 block vertical offset

2 [MCU213]
3 35:14
4 3:5:7

Cobble, Dirt, and Red Wool BridgeEdit

Creates a 3x5 cobble, dirt, and red wool bridge.

2 [MCU213]
3 4,3,35:14
4 3:5

Two Cobble Rows, One Dirt Row, and Two Red Wool Rows BridgeEdit

Creates a 3x5 cobble, dirt, and red wool bridge that has 2 rows of cobble, 1 row of dirt, and the rest of the rows as red wool.

2 [MCU213]
3 4#2,3,35:14
4 3:5

A Slow Opening and Closing Cobble BridgeEdit

Creates a 3x5 cobble bridge that opens and closes slowly.

2 [MCU213]
3 4
4 3:5#20

A Slow Opening and Fast Closing Cobble BridgeEdit

Creates a 3x5 cobble bridge that opens slow and closes fast.

2 [MCU213]
3 4
4 3:5#20:1



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