Added in CBX v17.0

Allows servers to create recipes for players to craft enchantments.

Enchantments crafted will add the enchantments to items. Previous enchantments will not be removed.

Enchantments are crafted in the workbench or the player's crafting slots

Unlike normal crafting recipes, these recipes can require a larger stack size than 1. Ex: a stack of 40 exp bottles, instead of a stack of just 1.

    • this ability is a little buggy because of how minecraft works
      • It will recognize when a stack has been decreased, but not if a stack has been increased
      • To fix, the player will need to put a new item into the crafting slots, or remove an item. This lets minecraft know that the crafting slots have been updated.


Video example and configuration demonstration:

Recipe FileEdit

Enchantment recipes are stored in the server file:

  • If the file is not in the root server directory, copy it from the CraftBook download.


To limit the amount of enchantments that can be added through crafting, set the setting:

  • Default value is 3


When changes to the cb-enchant-recipes.txt file are made, you can use the command:


to reload the recipes instead of reloading CraftBook

    • Players who happen to be crafting while the recipes are reloaded will likely get enchantments at a lower cost.
      • It will not remove more than 1 item per stack.
  • Because of this bug, it is recommended to not reload changes often.