CBX v3.0
Released 2011 January 27

kMod 0.7+
hMod 134

Minecraft 1.2_01


  • added [MCX112] Transporter IC
  • added [MCU113] Destination IC
  • added [MCX200] Mob Spawner IC with color support
  • added [MCX201] Item Spawner IC with damage/color support
  • added [MCX202] Chest Spawner IC with damage/color support
  • re-added very old ability to toggle single input IC's from any side (front, left, or right)
  • added new ability to swap the inputs and outputs for 3 input ICs and/or 3 output ICs. Can not swap single input or single output.
  • added new UISO IC type
  • added color items support to minecart collector/depositor

Bug FixesEdit

  • fixed minecart collector/depositor going past max amount for single stacks, which also allowed armor/tools to be repaired.
  • fixed duplication bug with chest dispenser MC1202