CBX v17.0
Released 2012 April 11
For Crow 4.9.10, 4.10.10
Minecraft 1.2.5

Updated for Minecraft 1.2.5


  • added multi-world support
    • due to WorldEdit not being updated, Toggle Area features may not work in other worlds than the main world
    • Perlstone may have issues in other worlds than the main world and main worlds that have a different name than the default "world".
    • CBWarp will store world names now in the same CBWarp server files.
      • Older formats will still work.
  • added ability to craft and craft with Enchanted items for Cauldrons and Cart Craft
    • enchantment format details are found in the recipe .txt files for both
  • added Convert EXP feature
    • disabled by default
    • allows players to right-click [Convert EXP] signs to convert a specified amount of their exp levels for a specified amount of bottle o' enchanting (exp bottles)
    • 3rd line of sign is the amount of exp levels to convert
      • anything can be typed right after the number
        • such as "11 levels" instead of just "11"
    • 4th line of the sign is the amount of exp bottles to give if the player has enough exp levels
      • same as the 3rd line where anything can be typed after
      • this value can also be 0 to allow other types of conversions through plugin hooks
    • to create [Convert EXP] signs, players require permission to: /makeconvertexp
      • this is only recommended for Admins or Mods as it can be exploited
    • if the "check-permissions" setting is set to "true" (default is false) then players will require permission to: /convertexpsign to use [Convert EXP] signs.
    • this feature uses Plugin Hooks hooks so that other plugins can do additional things.
      • Such as requiring a payment in addition to the exp levels.
  • added Enchantment crafting recipes
    • allows players to craft enchantments in the workbench or the player's crafting slots
    • crafted enchantments are *added* to the specified item in the recipe.
      • Ex: Smite II can be added to a sword, even if the sword already has enchantments. The previous enchantments will not be removed.
    • unlike normal crafting recipes, these recipes can require a larger stack size than 1.
      • Ex: a stack of 40 exp bottles, instead of a stack of 1
      • BUG-NOTE
        • this feature is a little buggy because of how minecraft works
          • It will recognize when a stack has been decreased, but not if a stack has been increased
          • To fix, the player will need to put a new item into the crafting slots, or remove an item. This lets minecraft know that the crafting slots have been updated.
    • max amount of enchantments that can be added per item is specified in the "enchantment-craft-max=" setting
    • enchantment recipes are contained within the file: cb-enchant-recipes.txt
    • Enchantment recipes can be reloaded with the command: /reloadcbenchantrecipes
      • This should not be used often due to the following bug
      • BUG-NOTE
        • players who happen to be crafting while the recipes are reloaded will likely get enchantments at a lower cost.
          • It will not remove more than 1 item per stack
    • the basic idea for this feature was to convert exp to exp bottles, and then use those bottles to craft enchantments
  • added Dispenser 3.0 [MCX204]
    • can dispense enchanted items in addition to normal items
    • the format follows the Cauldron and Cart Craft recipe format instead of [MCX201]
      • @ for color/damage, & for enchantments, # for enchantment levels
    • no limit on enchantments except for the sign's 15 character limit
      • Ex: items can be given 6 or more enchantments
    • specific enchantments can be allowed instead of all (default) through the setting: ic-enchantments-allowed=

Bug FixesEdit


  • removed OWorld files as they are no longer needed.
    • Canary/Crow now uses the needed hooks