CBX v15.0
Released 2012 March 07
For Crow 4.6.10
Minecraft 1.2.3

Updated for Minecraft 1.2.3


  • added support for the new max height (from 128 to 256)
    • I have changed all I could find, but a few things may still be limited to 128. Please report if a feature can not be used above 128 blocks up.
  • added [MCX228] Refresh IC
    • Recommended only for admins/mods
    • Searches each block in the set area for self-triggered ICs. Self-triggered ICs that are found are refreshed even if they are already working.
    • Since it searches each block in a set area every time it is triggered on, it is recommended to only use occasionaly unless your server is powerful enough to handle it.
    • width, height, length, x-offset, y-offset, and z-offset are placed on the 4th line of the IC sign, similar to [MCU220], [MCX146], and other area based ICs.
    • the 3rd line of the sign is currently not used.