CBX v14.4
Released 2012 February 01
For Crow 4.4.10, 4.5.10
Minecraft 1.1.0


  • added ability to teleport entities (Mobs, Minecarts, items, etc) to other worlds (Nether, The End, etc)
    • NOTE!: entities that are teleported to map chunks that are not loaded, will be deleted.
      • This is due to how Minecraft works.
      • Players that are teleported will not have this issue, so players riding minecarts/boats are safe.
    • currently only works with [MCX142][MCU142][MCX144][MCU144]
    • includes teleporting riders with the entities
      • Example: players riding minecarts


Bug FixesEdit

  • fixed major issue where players would be marked dead by [MCX130] & [MCZ130].
  • fixed (temporarily) issue with players teleporting out of The End
    • This fix is NOT applied to everything!
      • The fix applies to /CBWarp [MCX142][MCU142][MCX144][MCU144]
    • This issue is caused by how Minecraft wants to work.
      • Minecraft does not want players to teleport out of The End
      • When players do manage to teleport out of The End from Canary modifications, players become invisible, and unable to see entities such as Mobs, Players, items, etc.
  • fixed (hopefully) issue with /cbgo hurting players.
  • fixed checks that were not updated properly for minecart dispensers and destroy-on-exit