CBX v14.3
Released 2012 January 28
For Crow 4.4.10, 4.5.10
Minecraft 1.1.0


  • added [MCX140] [MCU140] IN AREA IC
    • detects if set entity type/name is within set area
  • added [MCX142] [MCU142] AREA PORT IC
    • if set entity type/name is within the set area, then the entity will be teleported to the specified destionation IC [MCU113]
  • added [MCX144] [MCU144] AREA CBWARP IC
    • works like [MCX142] [MCU142] except it teleports to a CBWarp location.

Bug FixesEdit

  • fixed issue with reloading CraftBook causing the output queue to reference the wrong variable resulting in a memory leak.