CBX v14.0
Released 2012 January 20
For Crow 4.4.10, 4.5.10
Minecraft 1.1.0

Updated for Minecraft 1.1.0


  • added [MCU220] Detect Break IC
    • quickly triggers the output if a block within the set area was broken.
    • to prevent the block from breaking add + to the end of [MCU220]
    • Set the width, height, and length on the 3rd line
  • added [MCX133] [MCZ133] Humans Only IC
    • removes all entities in range that are not human/player
      • includes dropped items, minecarts, boats, animals, mobs, arrows, fireballs, etc
    • to remove everything except human/players, dropped items, minecarts, boats, eyes of ender, fishing hooks, and tamed wolves, place a - after [MCX133] [MCZ133]
  • added new OWorld.class file
    • a special *optional* file to replace CanaryMod.jar's version
    • only used for craftbook extra's minecart collision feature
    • if using OWorld.class file, the version MUST match to the correct CanaryMod.jar
    • more details found in the "OWorld for crow 4.4.10.txt" file
  • added new Minecart Collision modes (requires OWorld.class to use)
    • none, phase, phase_plow, smash, smash_scaled, ram, ram_scaled, no_mercy, no_mercy_scaled


  • removed minecart-enable-collision-type-helper property

Bug FixesEdit