CBX v13.2
Released 2011 December 20
For Crow 4.3.10
Canary b10
Minecraft 1.0.1


  • added Minecart Craft block
    • adds the ability to craft items through storage carts
    • recipes are placed in the cb-cartcraft-recipes.txt server file
      • recipes are configured just like Cauldron recipes, but does not use groups, since storage carts do not have groups
    • default block is dark grey wool (# 7)
    • no sign is used
  • added [MCX027] & [MCZ027] Between Time IC
    • detects if the server/day time is between the two times placed on lines 3 and 4 of the sign
      • if only 1 time is set, then it will detect if the current server time is past the set time.
  • added = mode for [MCX205] & [MCZ205] detect block
    • sets the IC to detect the specified block 'exactly' at the specified UP or DOWN position
    • requires a number after UP or DOWN

Bug FixesEdit

  • fixed issue with [MCX203] & [MCZ203] check collector trying to access entities that were altered by other sources
    • this fix may require changes from Canary as it now uses their function