CBX v11.3
Released 2011 August 25
For Crow 2.1.8
Canary b8
Minecraft 1.7.3


  • added [MCX206] which is a copy of MC1207 Flexible Set IC, except it grabs blocks from specified block sources, and blocks are limited to Bridge allowed blocks (bridge-ic-blocks in the
  • added [MCU217] Drawbridge
  • added [MCU300] Bounce Up
  • added [MCU301] Soft Land
  • added Bounce blocks and Soft Land blocks. Disabled by default. To enable, set a block type for bounce-block and soft-land-block
    • This includes 5 new configuration settings for them


  • updated [MCX205] & [MCZ205] to be able to detect air blocks
  • updated glass removed by features such as Area Toggle, Bridge, Door, etc, to put glass into chests instead of nothing.

Bug FixesEdit