CBX v10.0
Released 2011 June 14
For Crow 1.3.7
Canary b7
Minecraft 1.6.6

Updated for Minecraft 1.6.6

Features should work in both the normal world and nether world.


  • added [MCX246] Fireball IC
  • added [MCT246] Cannon IC
  • added support for new block types: tall grass, dead shrubs, and trapdoors
  • added custom plugin hooks. This allows other plugins to communicate with CraftBook. Such as creating toll bridges.
  • added color/damage and amount minecart sorting to player "Held" items
  • added player inventory minecart sorting. Searches the player's whole inventory for matching item, color/damage, and amount


  • EVERYTHING in order to add multiple world support.
  • updated [MCX200] to support spawning sitting and angry wolves.
  • updated [MCT233] to have a faster weather change.
  • updated /savearea .cbcopy files to version 2, to add world support. Version 1 files will default to the main world.

Bug FixesEdit

  • fixed MC3032 title being over 15 characters.
  • fixed MC1500 title being over 15 characters.
  • fixed minecart reverse blocks. Still a little buggy, but works now