Feature Description Added
Page Reader allows players to read and write "pages" from Bookshelves. CBX v4.0
[Book][X] advanced hidden switches for bookshelves. CBX v5.0
Bounce bounces players up when they jump onto a powered bounce block CBX v11.3
Soft Land prevents fall damage when players fall onto a powered soft-land block CBX v11.3
Sitting allows players to sit CBX v11.4
CBWarp a warp system similar to /warp CBX v11.5
Gate extended versions of [Gate] CBX v13.0
Map lets players change map items by right clicking the map item onto a bookshelf with a [Map] sign on it. CBX v13.1
Convert EXP lets players convert their EXP levels into bottle o' enchanting (exp bottles) by right-clicking [Convert EXP] signs. CBX v17.0
Enchantment Craft lets players craft enchantments to add to items. Previous enchantments will not be removed from the items. CBX v17.0