Control BlocksEdit

Feature Description Added
Minecart Cart Lift lifts minecarts up or down depending on the input settings CBX v5.0
Minecart Delay delays minecarts for set amount of time CBX v6.0
Minecart Direction stops player ridden minecarts and lets them choose the direction they wish to go with /cbgo CBX v5.0
Minecart Launch boosts or stops minecarts depending on the input settings CBX v5.0
Minecart Load loads players into empty minecarts within a 3 block radius CBX v6.0
Minecart Station Clear clears the station set with the /st command CBX v13.0
Minecart Craft Crafts recipes through Storage minecarts CBX v13.2
Minecart Warp Teleports minecarts to the specified CBWarp CBX v14.5
Minecart Destroy This will destroy minecarts without dropping them. This will not destroy storage minecarts. CBX v14.5

CBX UpdatesEdit

Original Control Block features with a few updates

Feature Description
Minecart Collect collects items from storage minecart and stores them into a chest
Minecart Deposit deposits items to a storage minecart from a chest
Minecart Dispenser dispenses minecarts from a chest


Feature Description Added
Minecart Collision changes the way minecarts collide CBX v6.0