Added in CBX v11.3

Bounce allows a player to be pushed upwards when jumping on a powered bounce block.

This feature is disabled by default.

To enable it, set a block type (and optional color) in the bounce-block value.

The bounce force can also be set in the bounce-force value. The default value is 3. Values higher than 10 may not have any significant difference.


To use, just place the specified bounce block and then power the block either directly or indirectly.

Players then need to "jump" onto the block to bounce.

Any fast downward motion will cause the player to bounce on the block. This includes falling onto the block, jumping down on it, or even lowering a piston (if the bounce block is a piston).

Fall DamageEdit

The player should not suffer any fall damage as long as they are still bouncing on the block. To stop bouncing, they must attempt to land safely, such as on a high platform, to avoid the normal fall damage.

Falling onto a powered Soft Land block also prevents fall damage.